Parish of Magh Ene - Bundoran & Ballyshannon

 Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea Bundoran

~ "Magh Ene" means The Plain of Hospitality ~

St Joseph's Church Ballyshannon 


We welcome to the community of Faith all those recently baptised and pray that the Lord will guide their parents, grandparents and sponsors in their spiritual care of the children.

Baptisms will take place in Bundoran Church on the 4th Saturday of the month at 11:30 a.m. and in St Josephs Church The Rock Ballyshannon on the 2nd Saturday of the month also at 11:30 a.m.  This will obviously depend on other circumstances such as funerals etc. when the time may need to be altered. To ensure that present and future documentation in relation to the birth/baptisms are correct, we ask Parents to provide the Parish Office with the Civil Birth Certificate of the child in advance of the Baptism. This Certificate will be returned at the time of Baptism. Please note that 2 weeks notice is required for Baptisms.



We congratulate all those associated with the Parish who have recently married.

For Couples thinking of getting married in the Parish, Three Months Notice is needed to the Priests of the  Parish and to the Civil Registrar. Please contact Fr Munster or Fr McManus to arrange for any details needed.



We remember those who have died recently.

May their souls and the souls of the faithful departed Rest in Peace, Amen. 

Ar Dhéis Dé go raibh siad.


Please check our Parish Newsletters for up to date Deaths in our Parish

Local Radio Stations Obituary Notices

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Mass Cards:

Sympathy and Mass Bouquet Cards are available in the Sacristy after masses or from the Parish Office.

In all cases when a priest signs a card he is accepting responsibility that the mass will be said for the intention stated. If for any reason he cannot fulfil the obligation himself he can give the intention and the stipend to another priest to say the mass.

Grave Mapping

St. Ninnidh’s Cemetery, Bundoran,  Rock Cemetery, Ballyshannon, Finner Cemetery.

Plans are presently ongoing for the mapping of the above cemeteries. We now have the following available to everyone.


(1) a map of the cemetery placed at the entrance to the cemetery with each grave marked with the family name.

(2) A similar map on the Parish Website with the family name of each grave, all whose names appear on the headstone and where available, the memorial card associated with the deceased.


Because the mapping of the cemeteries is ongoing and will be updated every 2 years, we ask all who have graves to ensure that the following is available to the Parish Office.


1. Where a grave is not marked by a headstone or named marker, the Parish Office would need to be informed so that the information can be relayed to those who are mapping.

2. Where a grave is owned by an individual or family, not yet been used and therefore not marked, the Parish Office should be informed so that the information is included.

3. Should anyone have information about burials / graves where markings do not exist, we would appreciate obtaining such information.

4. An initial form of the map will be displayed in the Church to allow everyone to check the information, before the final map is made for display in the cemetery.

5. Any information not included in the first mapping of the cemeteries can be included in two years time when an update of the mapping will take place.


Magh Ene Parish Office     Bundoran    t: 071 9841290      e: