Parish of Magh Ene - Bundoran & Ballyshannon

Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea Bundoran

~ "Magh Ene" means The Plain of Hospitality ~

St Joseph's Church Ballyshannon 

If you are looking for information on your family history,

we regret we cannot give out any information from our Parish Records.

Very few Parish Registers predate the years of the Great Famine. Parish Registers in traditionally large centres of population may have been maintained but at rural Parish level, local registers predating 1850/1860 are rare. In the days of the Famine and in the following years, the need to find food etc. was more important than maintaining records. Our own Parish Registers have very few entries pre 1880 and may not necessarily be correct in their content.

Parish Registers are maintained for Sacramental and Church Purposes only. They do not claim to have exact or correct dates of birth and are now not acceptable as proof of age or identity for civil purposes. The reasoning behind this non-acceptance is due to the fact that the dates and / or information in the Registers have been occasionally found to be incorrect. They are considered suitable for Church purposes as they are an indication of Baptism, Confirmation, Church Marriage or Ordination.

The General Register Research Room at Government Offices, Convent Road, Roscommon, Co Roscommon  holds all civil records of birth, marriage and deaths from 1864.

We do have many researchers calling to the Parish Office asking to view the Parish records. This is not possible, for some or all of the following reasons.

1. Old Registers are now very flimsy and frequent use leaves the pages open to tearing and damage.

2. Parish Records may not be factually correct and may therefore be misleading.

3. The information in a particular record was given for Parish use and is private to the family concerned.

4. Information within the record may have been clarified by the Priest of the day (for his successors) and for reasons of privacy these facts should not be made public, which could happen by general reading of the Register.

For these reasons, opening the Parish Registers to public view may cause problems of many kinds. What we have done, to help people, is the following. We have been working on transferring all Parish Records to computer, thereby protecting the original books. We always provide certificates for people requesting them for members of their own family, when they provide us with some general detail of the birth or marriage. We do not provide lists of a particular name within Parish Records. (eg. All Smiths or Murphys) as they may not be of the same family and the privacy of some individuals could be affected. In some exceptional and rare situations, we have found it necessary to contact immediate family members before a certificate is issued, to ensure the privacy of the family concerned.

The Parish Office always refers researchers to Donegal and Dublin centres of family records as this information is always available to the public. For reasons given above, it is not always possible, at Parish level, to fulfil all requests, at all times.

However below we have given a list of Irish websites and information Centres where you can possibly get this information


General Registrar Office

This is the central repository for all records relating to life events

(Births, Deaths, Marriages) in the Irish State

Government Offices, Convent Road,

Roscommon, Co Roscommon

Tel: +353 (0) 90 6632900


National Library of Ireland

Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Tel: +353 (0) 1 6030213



Donegal County Library

Central Library, Oliver Plunkett Road, Letterkenny

Tel 074 91 24950 email:


Irish Genealogy Centre

Donegal Genealogy Resources

Project Website set up in 2009. Has information on Graveyard inscriptions in Finner Cemetery


National Archives

The National Archives, Bishop Street, Dublin 8, Co Dublin

Phone: + 353 (0)1 407 2300 / LoCall: + 353 1890 252424
Fax:     + 353 (0)1 407 2333


Ellis Island Foundation

The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation Inc

History Centre, 17 Battery Place

#210 New York, NY 10004-3507


Genealogical Society of Ireland
Hon. Secretary
Genealogical Society of Ireland
11 Desmond Avenue, Dún Laoghaire
Co. Dublin, Ireland


Donegal Genealogical Database

Genealogy Research Service


Irish Roots

Irish Roots provides guidelines for finding your Irish Ancestry and information on the origins of Irish Surnames.


Irish Times, Irish Ancestors

See what records there are, check out the largest collection of Irish genealogy links on the Web, browse Catholic parish maps


Ireland's Official Irish Certificate Service

Apply for an Irish Birth, Death and Marriage Certificate online

Monday - Friday 8.00am - 5.30pm

Phone: +353 1 801 33 33
Fax : +353 1 801 33 34
email :


Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

(Family History Section)

The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland became an Executive Agency in April 1995. Its remit is to acquire, preserve and make available to the public, records of historical interest relating to Northern Ireland.














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