Marriage Preparation for a Church Wedding in the Parish of Magh Ene.

Congratulations on your decision to marry. We ask God’s blessing on your decision and future together.

You should consider the following and mark them when completed.

  • Arranging the date for a Church Marriage should take place before any other associated functions are arranged.
  • The Civil Registrar of marriages should be given at least 90 (ninety) days notice of your decision to marry. Phone 074 9191730 – ask for an appointment.
  • The Church should be given SIX months notice of your intention to marry so that the pre-marriage course can be completed and all necessary documents can be obtained.
  • Magh Ene Parish will only accept one marriage per day, to ensure that the local Priest is available.
  • Visiting Priests who wish to celebrate a wedding  Mass are always welcome.
  • The Parish Priest of the Bride is in charge of all Church marriage documentation.

 The necessary Church documents for BOTH Bride and Groom are :

           (a)      A NEW Baptismal / Confirmation Certificate

           (b)      Letter(s) of freedom to prove you have not been married elsewhere.

           (c)      Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form (to be completed with the Priest of the Parish where you are resident). 

          (d)      Pre-Marriage Course Certificate.

          (e)     Any necessary dispensations.

          (f)     A & B should be obtained before document C is completed.

The wedding documents should  be completed approximately four weeks before wedding.

  • When the wedding is taking place outside Ireland, finalised documents must be forwarded to the Episcopal  Office of the Diocese of orgin and then to the Episcopal Office where the wedding will take place. Please note that this process should be allocated at least three months, to ensure that all necessary protocols are fulfilled.
  • It is normal practise for couples to provide a wedding booklet for the wedding Mass. While this is not obligatory, planning for it should take place with the Priest officiating at the Wedding Mass.
  • Since The Wedding Mass is a religious occasion, it should be presumed that music and hymns used will be of religious nature. Please ensure that whoever is providing the music knows and is able to present suitable hymns and music.
  • Most couples will decorate the Church with fresh flowers. This should be done tastefully. Flowers are NOT placed on the altar. It is recommended that the wedding candles should be placed in an oasis of flowers for the wedding table.
  • Photography is at the choice of the couple. Please advice those involved that they should not encroach on the sanctuary area during the wedding Mass. The wise photographer will contact the Priest involved at some time before wedding, if they are not familiar with the local Church or local customs.
  • The signing of the CIVIL documents does not take place at the altar but at a table nearby. This is to differentiate between the two ceremonies. The couple will be asked, either at the rehearsal or at the beginning of the wedding Mass, to verify their freedom to marry each other.
  • The normal donation to the Church on the occasion of a wedding is a minimum €250.
  • It is normal procedure to have a wedding rehearsal – please arrange with the Priest officiating at the ceremony.
  • Clergy are lessening in number and have many daily obligations. Please realise that the Priest may have obligation to others before or after the Wedding Mass, SO PLEASE BE ON TIME FOR THE WEDDING CEREMONY.

Recording of the Wedding on Church Webcam(Our Lady Star of the Sea Church Bundoran only) This can be facilitated for the Couple and must be requested in advance by contacting the Parish Office.